Thank you.

For the past 39 years, Sundance Books and Music has had the honor and pleasure of being part of the Truckee Meadows community. 

We began our adventure, as most small businesses do, with the recognition of opportunity. In our case, that potential was the very human need for stories. Stories of fact and fiction, of poetics and possibility, of wisdom and wild wonder, stories that feed the soul and prompt conversation. And a friendly, welcoming home for those stories and those who might seek them. Thus, Sundance came to be, a proudly independent bookstore that dared to believe in its ability to nurture a more objective, curious, connected, and joyful community.

And believe us when we say we could never have fulfilled this mission without YOU!

But, as George Harrison once sang, “all things must pass.” Time goes by, life calls, new challenges beckon, reflection yields new answers. And in this present moment, we recognize that while endings are indeed hard to write, now is, in fact, the ideal time for us to do just that. To turn the page, to conclude our story, to close the book, and, yes, our doors. That’s why, on May 31 at 6pm, Sundance will cease business operations for good.

We’re grateful to our dear neighbors and family members at Nevada Museum of Art, who’ve shared the Levy Mansion with us these past 13 years, it’s been an amazing home and magical space for sharing books and music.

It’s our profound hope that other idealistic souls will recognize the importance of independent bookselling here in the Truckee Meadows and will pick up the baton, taking us all somewhere wondrous and new.

In the days ahead, there’s much housekeeping to be done – and a closing celebration to be planned – but for now, please accept our everlasting gratitude for your kinship, support, and the esteemed privilege of serving your imagination for these many years. Together, we’ve crafted a legacy through Sundance Books and Music.

May it endure in your heart and continue to inspire you.


–Your Sundance Family





• Please come say “hello,” sign our guest book, and shop all the amazing books, music, cards, and gifts we’ve curated for you.


• Bring in any gift certificates and/or unexpired coupons you might have and redeem them.


• We will no longer be issuing coupons.


• Prepaid special orders for books are still possible as long they’re available through our regional warehouses.


• Our store hours are now 10am to 6pm, Monday – Sunday.