Fans of My Unconscious by Krista Lukas

SKU: 9781891033629
In her debut collection, Krista Lukas brings a microscope's eye view to the poignancy and absurdity in everyday life. With humor, warmth, and clarity, she observes the meaning and the meaninglessness in the mundane. The post office, a campfire, and a bulletin board are the seemingly unglamorous settings transformed, in these poems, into flights of the imagination. Lukas meditates on technological advances, oranges, and the end of the world revealing the strange within the familiar. She listens for the next line that will be spoken by someone unsuspecting and she writes it down, adding her own quirky twist to the conversation. Fans of My Unconscious is a poetry collection for a seasoned reader of poetry as well as someone who has yet to take up the genre. These poems invite without spoon-feeding and surprise without pyrotechnics. They revel in language without sacrificing meaning. Fans of My Unconscious is a collection to enjoy and recommend.
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