Zoe Bray, What Amatxi Whispered

Join us for a reading of the new bilingual Basque children's book, What Amatxi Whispered, with author and illustrator Zoe Bray.

What Amatxi Whispered is the story of a little girl who lives by the Truckee river, in northern Nevada, and goes to visit her grandmother, Amatxi, in the Basque Country. There, she discovers something magical that helps her appreciate her home back in Nevada even more. What Amatxi Whispered is the story of a child of immigrants navigating different cultures and places.  The book is written in English and Basque, published with the University of Nevada Reno's Center for Basque Studies Press.

Zoe Bray is an artist and illustrator based in Reno, Nevada, hailing from the Basque Country. She enjoys creating illustrations that evoke adventure and her love of nature. She seeks to tell stories that celebrate the active imagination of children and exploration of their environment.

Event date: 
Saturday, April 8, 2023 - 11:00am
Event address: 
121 California Avenue
Reno, NV 89509