Twentieth Century Club Cook Book Launch

Join us as we celebrate the launch of Twentieth Century Club Cook Book: One Hundred Twenty-Eight Years of Food and Service.

The fifth edition of Reno’s Twentieth Century Club Cook Book compiles recipes from past editions, starting with the 1907 cook book by women whose “modern kitchen” included coal or wood-burning stoves and ice boxes – a wooden box storing ice for refrigeration. Editors Kimberly Elliott, Mary Langsner, Peggy Slattery, and Tatjana Vukovic sifted through hundreds of pages of members’ recipes and archives to connect the past with the present. Hidden in the archives were the stories that needed to be retold of the women who founded the Twentieth Century Club in 1894 and whose names adorn many of Reno’s public buildings and streets. Their credits also include joining in civic movements leading to the establishment of women’s voting rights and statewide kindergarten for Nevada’s children.

The Twentieth Century Club’s mission continues to this day and so does its tradition of sharing. This new edition, filled with fascinating local and culinary history, showcases a wonderful, one-of-a-kind compilation of wisdom and recipes.

About the Twentieth Century Club:

At the turn of the century, throughout the country, women were organizing in groups to enlarge friendships, study books, music and drama, and to assume civic obligations.  

Reno was fortunate in having women with vision and courage to organize.  Through the years, the women have continually pursued projects which they felt were needed for the betterment of the community such as--a circulating library, scholarships for women, and founding the first kindergartens.  The women urged the legislature to establish public kindergartens throughout the state.

Event date: 
Saturday, December 3, 2022 - 2:00pm
Event address: 
121 California Avenue
Reno, NV 89509