Sundance Books and Music is an independent bookstore located in the Levy Mansion in Reno, Nevada.  Although our home is called a mansion, our sales space is actually quite cozy, which means we must, out of necessity, carefully curate our selection.  As an independent bookseller, we try to honor the voices of those authors and artists whose work has not reached its widest readership.  So, we are thrilled to receive requests from authors who would like a place on our shelves for their books.  We have discovered some wonderfully talented writers in just this way.

Unfortunately, we cannot carry all the books we are asked to shelve.  When we carry self-published books or books from very small presses, we do so on a consignment basis only. 

The consignment process starts with a review of the book by our consignment coordinator, Jane Bramley.   A baseline for what she is looking for can be found in the checklist below this letter.  If your book meets those requirements and you’d like Jane to take a look at your book to see if she thinks it would be a good fit for our store, please contact her directly at  If, for any reason, she feels that the book is not appropriate for our store or if we simply do not have the space to feature it, we will let you know in a timely manner.

Thank you for thinking of Sundance Books and Music.  We look forward to sharing your art with our community.


The Sundance Books and Music team


A brief checklist for consignment books:              

  • Is the book professionally edited, designed, and bound?
  • Does the book have an ISBN and barcode?
  • Is it priced appropriately for the size and type of book it is?
  • Does the spine show both the title of the book and the author of the book?