Chimera Conflict; A Boston Brain in a Uyghur Body (Paperback)

Chimera Conflict; A Boston Brain in a Uyghur Body By Robert W. Morgan Cover Image
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Slowly waking from his coma, strange sensations bombard Roger Scully, MD. Hissing noises and, flashing lights. A foreign language he partially understands. Mandarin? His hospital wrist band identifies him as Wu Zicheng. He does not recognize his bearded Asian face. What happened?

His brain now functions in a Uyghur's body. After rehabilitation, he settles into life as a Chinese surgeon, living with Lushan Zhao, a medical student.

Wu's arrest as a Uyghur exacerbates Roger's severe identity conflict. Is he American in a Chinese body or Chinese with an American brain?

Roger (aka Wu Zicheng) accepts an offer to address a Florida conference. There, the University of Colorado recruits him to a new institute. Students protest his hiring as an example of Chinese exploitation of Uyghurs as organ donors.

Roger enters into an intense relationship with Jessica, the governor's daughter. Genetic investigation reveals Roger to be a true chimera, demonstrating both original and donor DNA in various organs and semen.

When Covid interferes, he and Jessica flee to her mountain ski cabin. He begins writing his memoir of a chimera. The Colorado medical board informs him that he is an imposter-they have the Chinese death certificate of Roger Scully.

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ISBN: 9798985224832
Publisher: Robert Wilson Morgan
Publication Date: June 2nd, 2022
Pages: 296
Language: English