Bushcraft: How to Make a House in the Wilderness (Paperback)

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Have you always wondered about the construction process after looking at the primitive shelters built out in the middle of nowhere? Do the structures resurrected in the green forest always leave you spellbound? Does the idea of making a home in the wilderness lead to a string of other questions, such as the feasibility and survivability of living in the wilderness? If these things peek your curiosity, then this book is designed precisely for you.
'Bushcraft: How to Make a House in the Wilderness' gives answers to all your curiosities and much more. It is the only book you will need to take you from understanding the multi-layered natural wilderness, the associated concept of bushcraft, and the philosophy behind the idea that is 'growth' over survival. This book does not focus on just the survival principles in the wilderness; rather, it also ventures into discovering the true bushcraft essence by concentrating on how to thrive in the wilderness. The organized chapter layout unlocks the essential skills in an extremely simplified manner with colored pictures and simplified graphics to enhance interest and engagement.
Years of experience in the wilderness allowed the author to emulate his perspective in a flowing narrative that is not too dense for the beginners and elementary level readers. The book is designed in an exploratory way so that you can learn the skills at your own pace.
Here's what the book offers you:
  • Unlocks the mystery of the wilderness in an organized layout.
  • An easy to understand introduction to bushcraft.
  • Seamless progression from basic to advanced bushcraft skills and concepts.
  • Includes essential tips and tricks, along with examples of real wilderness scenarios.
  • A systematic chapter progression that concludes into building practical skills.
  • Explains the wood processing and shelter construction in layman terms.
If you want to explore the essential elements on how to make a home in the wilderness, then grab your copy today You won't regret this amazing journey of fun, discovery, and adventure.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798689447445
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 23rd, 2020
Pages: 152
Language: English
Series: Bushcraft