Sanctuary: A Dinosaur Space Adventure (Paperback)

Sanctuary: A Dinosaur Space Adventure Cover Image
By Diana Kemp, Bruce Moran (Illustrator), Jessica Tate (Editor)
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Brilliant Academy graduate Mara Kast is part of an idealistic young crew about to embark on a distant voyage to explore an alien world. Close to her family, she is both excited and nervous about leaving home world of Kanali. Accompanied by her classmates, the journey on the starship Infinity leads them to the planet Valdos Prime, a world strangely similar to Kanali. There, they not only discover an alien race hovering on the edge of extinction, they discover that both worlds are connected to an even more ancient world on the far side of the galaxy.

Each of these illustrated children's books is filled with adventures and life lessons. Both the characters and the readers explore new places, make new friends, learn new things, solve problems and have lots of fun. Throw in a little fantasy and now you have charming tales that will enthrall young readers.

Unique and heartwarming adventure series about dinosaurs and their space adventures. Follow Dannie and her friends as they meet new dinosaurs and see new places. Each book takes them further on their quest for knowledge.

Parents, teachers, librarians, and kids will appreciate the creative ways in which these books spark a child's imagination and stimulate curiosity. These illustrated chapter books contain appropriate reading levels for AGES 7-11 and GRADES 2-5; and are also sure to please the read-aloud crowd.

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ISBN: 9781648834684
ISBN-10: 164883468X
Publisher: TotalRecall Press
Publication Date: October 5th, 2021
Pages: 92
Language: English