Adventures In The Wilderness (Legacy Edition): The Classic First Book On American Camp Life And Recreational Travel In The Adirondacks (Hardcover)

Adventures In The Wilderness (Legacy Edition): The Classic First Book On American Camp Life And Recreational Travel In The Adirondacks Cover Image
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The Very First Book on Camping in America and the Great Benefits of Wilderness Travel

This deluxe unabridged reprint Legacy Edition of original camper William H. H. Murray's Adventures in the Wilderness is the very first handbook and manual celebrating the sport and benefits of camping in American culture. Originally published in 1869, this vintage book is the first of its kind to suggest how camping can be a great escape from urban everyday life and how the wilderness can restore vitality to all who visit its trees and mountains.

The historic account by Murray is widely regarded as the first book on camping published in the United States. Murray shared with readers the substantial benefits that you could get by escaping from urban life by retreating to the pristine wilderness of the Adirondacks. Along with the discussion on what readers can benefit from nature, Murray shares perhaps the first "how-to" manual on camping, including how to outfit yourself and what equipment you need, where to stay, how to cook and eat in the wilderness, how to stay healthy in the wilds, fishing, hunting, and finding solace and spiritual connection in the woods.

This vintage book includes timeless knowledge about wilderness life, which has largely been lost to time, but never forgotten by the old masters. Although this book represents thought from a former time, it also reveals much about the rich history of camping and the wilderness, and many of the tips, tricks, and discussions are still relevant for study today

A part of the Library of American Outdoor Classics: Volume 21

This Doublebit Legacy Edition reprint of Adventures in the Wilderness is professionally restored and presented from the original source, including inspiration from the book's original cover, with the highest degree of fidelity possible. Readers can enjoy this Legacy Edition for generations to come and learn from its timeless knowledge.

About the Doublebit Press Legacy Editions

Sometimes we need to remember our history to move forward. Sometimes, remembering our heritage is just fun or inspirational. With technology playing a major role in everyday life, sometimes we need to take a step back in time to find those basic building blocks used for gaining mastery - the things that we have luckily not completely lost and has been recorded in books over the last two centuries. These skills aren't forgotten, they've just been shelved. It's time to unshelve them once again and reclaim the lost knowledge of self-sufficiency

As a part of the Doublebit Press Legacy Edition Collection, this unabridged volume is reprinted in the exact form as it was presented in the original publication. Both important and minor details have equally both been accounted for by our publishing staff, down to the cover, font, layout, and images. It is the goal of Doublebit Legacy Edition series to preserve outdoors heritage, but also be cherished as collectible pieces, worthy of collection in any handcrafter's or outdoorsperson's library and that can be passed to future generations.

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