Hormones: The Movie (Paperback)

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The complete screenplay - and lengthy essay by the scriptwriter

It all starts when KEN ASHBROOK, a nerdy high school student, tries to invent a potion that can control the sexual desires of man; a chemical so the human race can concentrate on more productive things like science, economics and world hunger. This was the idea. The result is something out of this world

A slight accident in the laboratory causes a huge explosion that results in the creation of a jelly-like substance. It affects your sex drive but not in the way Ken wanted Ken Ashbrook has just invented the aphrodisiac: HORMONIOUS A chemical which causes any and every female to become a sex-crazed animal And this is only the beginning.

Things really get out of hand when the potion begins to affect everyone in Ken's high school, quickly turning the student body into naked bodies with only one thought on their minds What's worse is the effects are permanent. Sexual Armaggedon has now begun and it's up to Ken to stop it The only solution? Ken must travel back in time to stop the potion from ever being created

In the tradition of WEIRD SCIENCE and PORKY'S comes the ultimate teen-age, sex comedy complete with space aliens, a giant squid and over a hundred horny women

Hormones the Movie: Being a teenager just got trickier

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ISBN: 9781629337579
ISBN-10: 1629337579
Publisher: Bearmanor Bare
Publication Date: August 11th, 2021
Pages: 100
Language: English