We Love You, But You're Going to Hell: Christians and Homosexuality: Agree, Disagree, Take a Look (Paperback)

We Love You, But You're Going to Hell: Christians and Homosexuality: Agree, Disagree, Take a Look By Kim O'Reilly Cover Image
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We Love You, But You're Going to Hell presents a non-confrontational study of the conflict surrounding Christian faith, Scriptures, and homosexuality. It addresses the dichotomy of love and condemnation, sincerely expressed by Christians - and the pain experienced by gays and lesbians.

- How do sincere, Bible-believing Christians balance their interpretation of Scriptures with everyday encounters with gays and lesbians?

- How do we have conversations when we disagree? Without judging or calling into question someone's faith or salvation?

This book OPENS UP the conversation - with chapters devoted to the Author's Story, Scriptures, Stereotypes, Marriage, Religious Freedom, Why It Matters, and What We Can Do in our families, churches, and society.

It is easy to single-handedly dismiss an individual or church's belief or stance by writing them off as conservative or liberal. No matter which side you are on, there is benefit to educating yourself on the beliefs and experiences of those with whom you disagree. The author asks that the reader consider viewpoints expressed by a variety of churches and ministers. Look closely at the Scriptures that are cited and decide for yourself. Look at the beliefs of well-known conservative ministers and doctrines of several church denominations in this book.

Some Christians believe it is loving to demand denial of homosexuality, ending relationships, changing to heterosexuality, or remaining celibate - in order that the soul be saved. Others believe sexual orientation is God-given, cannot be changed and that it is cruel and unloving to demand it.

If you believe homosexuality is a sin, the Scriptures condemn, sexual orientation doesn't exist; read this book. Argue with it, confirm your beliefs, question, change your mind. The author invites your engagement.

Kim O'Reilly cares deeply about the divisions she sees in churches today over homosexuality. How do we get beyond the disagreements, divisiveness, and polarization we see playing out in our churches and society? How do we honor the rights of each of these groups without denying the rights of the other? She attempts to answer these questions throughout her book.

Love and/or Condemnation?

"God doesn't make mistakes. Humans do. God doesn't make one gay. They make that choice on their own. It's a fact that homosexuality is a choice. It has a cause - Satan."

"I was nine years old when I recognized my attractions for the same gender. Praying to God every night and pleading with Him to take my feeling away didn't work. Practically living, eating, and breathing the Bible didn't work. I tried repressing and denying who I was - but nothing changed inside of me. I was taught by my pastors, parents, and peers to hate myself - and that worked."

What does the Bible say about how we should treat those we disagree with or who we believe are going to Hell? The final chapter offers strategies and solutions on how to bridge the divide between Christians and gays - how to promote healing and not to inflict more pain.

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