Gender Swapped Greek Myths (Hardcover)

Gender Swapped Greek Myths By Karrie Fransman, Jonathan Plackett (Illustrator) Cover Image
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A new captivating, inspiring, and totally perspective-shifting volume from the wife and husband team behind Gender Swapped Fairy Tales

The Greek myths were first told thousands of years ago, by poets and singers who wanted to tell how the world came to be. These brilliant stories are full of adventure and drama, but they also explore our deepest fears and fantasies. There's a reason these myths still feel so powerful - they've formed the foundations of narratives and archetypes that we see in books and on our screens even today.

Having changed the way we look at Fairy Tales in their last book, Karrie and Jon have turned to these ancient stories to see what magic their marvelous gender swapping machine can work on them. As before, they haven't rewritten these myths. They haven't reimagined endings, or reinvented characters. All they've done is switch all the genders.

It might not sound like that much of a change, but you'll be amazed by the world this swap creates - and by the new godesses, heroes, villainesses and adventurers you're about to discover.

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ISBN: 9780571371327
ISBN-10: 0571371329
Publisher: Faber & Faber
Publication Date: November 8th, 2022
Pages: 208
Language: English