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Staff Picks

The staff here at Sundance Books and Music shares a common passion for reading, listening and discovering. One of the best things about being a member of the Sundance staff is the conversations we get to have with our amazing, diverse customers every day. We love hearing about the books and music that you're excited about, and getting to offer some recommendations of our own too. These exchanges broaden our horizons and help to cultivate the feeling of community that we hold so dear.

Be sure to check back regularly to find out about the books and music that our staff can't wait to share with you. You can also visit the archive for more of our staff picks.

This week, take a look at some hand-picked selections from Stephanie, Christine, Danny and Mackenzie:

Stephanie   Leslie Odom Jr.

Simply Christmas, by Leslie Odom Jr. (of Hamilton fame) showcases Odom's velvety, sweet and beautiful voice while inspiring holiday cheer. Why would you not want to have this album playing at all times?

Danny  The trial

 "Kafkaesque" is a word synonymous with nightmare, often associated with Kafka's The Metamorphosis. But The Trial holds true to form. As one travels deeper into this book, it's not the dystopia looming over its inhabitants, but the panick-fear of uncertainty that resonates with its readers. Kafka speaks gently to us about the things which make us scream. A great winter read.


Christine Grief is the thing with Feathers

Grief is the Thing with Feathers is an innovative combination of narrative and poetry that explores the loss of a matriarch. In this beautiful novel, a father and his two sons grapple with death as a crow comes to symbolize grief itself. 

MackenzieMrs. Dalloway

Mrs. Dalloway's emotive narrative follows the intertwining lives of Londoners over the course of a single summer day. Though the story is centered on early 20th-century society, the characters and emotions are timeless. Virginai Woolf continues to be an all-time favorite.