Not to be Missed: Graphic Novels

Whether you're a lifelong lover of comics or you're ready to dip a toe into the genre, stop in to check out these recommendations from Baobab Press's very own Nilo Thomas.

Graphic Novels





Killing and Dying is one of the best collection of short stories you’ll ever read. It just happens to appear in comic form. Fans of literary fiction, unexpected, poignant observation and the craft of storytelling, visual or otherwise, must read this collection. I used to teach it in my creative writing classes. It’s a game changer.





You’ve heard about it. Why haven’t you read it? Known for making its heroes relatable to the average Jane and Joe, even if they have the powers of a god, this seminal text imparts human rationale and emotions into would be do-gooders, and makes them human first, hero second. Movie plot aside, what comes unexpected to new readers of Watchmen, are its adept social perceptions, self-awareness and meta narration realized in The Black Freighter, the comic within the comic. It’s deep, Bruh.


Y The Last Man

A good introduction to Vaughn whose other books Saga, ex machina, and Paper Girls, are off the charts excellent. Y The Last Man asks what it would actually be like to be pursued by every woman on the planet. With amazons, dilettantes, and other powerful hosts of women vying for their own survival, this dream quickly becomes a nightmare, and asks just how fierce the matriarchy can be. For fans of The Handmaid’s Tale, Wonder Woman, and 12 Monkeys, but extremely original.




Black Hole

The perfect marriage of emotion and symbol, Black Hole will help you get through, or remind you of what you’ve been through. A classic. A must.







A beautiful memoir that among many things, details how passion and culture influence artistic vision. This graphic memoir is the accumulation of that passion and cultural appreciation. For aspiring artists, travel junkies, and storytellers, Japanese Notebooks is the apex in coordination of form and content.